Skin Praise begins with you.

Body care that reflects and inspires. Read our skin stories.

1. We start with healthy.
We only use vegan + plant based ingredients.

See what's inside.

2. Then we create a moment.
Skin nourishing products.
Indulgent textures.
Inspiring scents.

3. You celebrate.
Each product has an “Ode to Self” that reminds you to see & celebrate your beauty.
Watch the Odes in Action (video below)

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Skin Praise looks good on you.



I’m savoring the last bit of my Spraise Body Cleanser! The coco mango fragrance is literally to die for. The fresh and natural ingredients make it smell and feel so pure on the skin.

A must have for the sensitive skin.


The body scrub from Spraise is my absolute fave. It removes all the dead skin and leaves me glowing. Surprisingly it is also soo moisturizing, that I don’t even have to apply lotion or additional oils after using. Almond and lemon ginger scents smell divine!


I love these products!!! I love the fact that it’s made with ingredients that both my daughter and I can use. And the scents are soooo yummy smelling! I’m obsessed with their products.