Odes to Self: Mini Meditations for an Intentional Bath Ritual

An "ode" is a song of praise. It's a type of written work that celebrates worth, shows respect and gives homage.

What better way to honor the skin we are in, than with an Ode?! (I mean who wouldn't love an ode written about them?)

When you reflect on a thought (or an ode) everyday it becomes a meditation; and what we continue to meditate on or think about has the power to transform our lives. That why the Odes to Self on our products are so important. They are Mini Meditations and they create an intentional approach to celebrating the beauty of our skin and more importantly our inner well-being. 

We want to love our bodies for what they are now, and by using healthy plant-based body care, we continue to improve its appearance and quality.

We want to affirm ourselves for the strength, beauty and love we currently possess.  That acknowledgement through our words and actions continues to help us thrive!

So, we intentionally created the Odes to Self to remind you of your inner beauty, that radiates all the way through to your beautiful skin! Go ahead, give you and your skin some PRAISE! 🙌

Drop us a comment! Tell us which is your favorite Ode, and what it means to you!